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CLOSED NOTICE:- Linton Parish Council office will be closed from Monday 21st August until Sunday 3rd September inclusive


 Safety crisis as 'lollypop person' Andy retires
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AT the end of the summer term we lost a very special member of the Infants School team - Andy (Leonard) Booth retired from his post as Lollipop Person after five years.
You may have noticed the plethora of colourful balloons and messages on tags that children brought for Andy on that day which were then attached to the school railings - an indication of his popularity and the strength of feeling for him.
Andy is a real character, full of fun and with a heart of gold. He is adored by parents, staff and particularly the children of our school for his cheery and loveable disposition.
All of us have several "Mr Booth Stories" to tell. Andy has always gone way beyond the call of duty and constantly has the interests of our youngsters at heart. We shall all feel the loss of the gap he leaves behind.
At present there is no replacement for Andy Booth and if no-one is forthcoming within two months, the weight of traffic will be re-assessed in the High Street and will almost certainly not meet the requirements for having anyone employed. So please contact Andy Swallowe on ?717385 if you are at all interested in this position. A job share can be arranged.


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Little progress in five months since public demands for safer roads, writes Mike Gee
AFTER almost five months, we are still waiting for the definitive reply from County Highways to the Parish Council's suggestions for improving safety in the Linton High Street area.
A number of improvements were put forward by the Parish Council in March following a very lively open meeting at the Social Centre but so far the only reply from Highways has been a rather negative letter from southern area Traffic Engineer, John Richards.
To put it bluntly, he poured cold water on every point made by us but did give some hope by saying in his letter of 24th April: "Nevertheless, I am presently considering the detailed suggestions made by your Traffic Sub-Committee."
Despite several telephone requests for the 'detailed suggestions' nothing has been forthcoming so far from Shire Hall.
There was just one success from our efforts, the relaying and strengthening of the kerbs between Mill Lane and Green Lane and time will tell if they stand up to the continual traffic mounting them.
It was also interesting that Mr Richards stated a price of £500,000 for a roundabout at the Bartlow Road junction with the A1307, around one third less than the estimate quoted some months earlier by our County Councillor to the Parish Council.
It seems to me that would be a reasonably priced answer to a serious traffic black spot - too many people have already been killed there already.


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THE Linton Senior IT Club will not meet in August but will resume again on Tuesday 12th September and then on following Tuesday evenings from 7 pm to 9 pm. In the mean time, the computers in the Library will be available for club members to use. Members with IT problems may phone any of the club officers for advice. Derek Birch


LINTON'S own lottery is entering its 3rd year and now is the time to think about joining if you are not already a member. The K-Club raises funds for Linton Action for Youth - almost £3,500 in its first two years and we plan expanding this year.
It costs £12 for a year's membership, which runs from 1st October to 30th September, with over a half of the total 'take' going towards prize money. This year's star prizes will amount to no less than £1,300, to be drawn on 24th September. An application form was delivered with this paper.
Why youth project is so valuable, page 5


Top of Page THE Pool Committee has made significant progress, with applications being made to the Charity Commission for registration; the Co-operative Bank for a working account; the Planning Department to renew the simplified planning application. More details next month. 


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LINTON Parish Council wants to improve the recreation ground equipment for older children. So it has called in the experts ... 13-year-old Izzie Foote and her friends.
She had written to the council chairman, Mike Gee, complaining that the equipment was broken - he replied, through Parish Clerk Gill Barker, to ask her if she would like to have a say in the plans for upgrading and replacing.
"The younger children's section is now very attractive and the Drop-in Centre was a very good idea, and yet the play equipment and 'hang-out areas' for older children really let the park down,'' wrote Izzie, who lives in the High Street with her family.
Some of the equipment has already been repaired. But not to the full approval of its users. ''The zip-line was quite good but now it has been repaired, it is slower,'' said Izzie.
"New equipment would be good but we really need more things to do. People are just hanging around - just sitting on the swings.''
She said the Tarmac area, which was proposed for the recreation ground but failed to find enough funding, would have been fun. It could have been used for skateboarding and rollerskating.
"I am going to talk to my friends and then write to the council to say what we think would be good,'' she added. Parish Councillor Enid Bald pointed out that the recreation ground is used by all age groups, many of whom just want an open area for walking, general exercise and socialising.
"During my walks, I have been given a few ideas for new items (climbing nets and frames, half-pipes, all weather jogging tracks, etc), which do not duplicate the facilities at the LVC Sports Centre and elsewhere." she said. "Other ideas are welcome - not just for the children, but for adult and senior use also. The recreation ground is for everyone to enjoy!"
Linton News Team


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Arthur Gore in action during his 90th Birthday match.
EACH month the Linton News carries Arthur Gore's Bowls Club report, written in the spare style befitting a retired statistician. This month we report on an event at the Bowling Green where Arthur was the star turn himself - a special match to celebrate his 90th birthday in which most club members, including his grandsons, took part.
As a guiding spirit, founder member and former president of the club, it comes as a surprise to realise Arthur was over 80 when he and his wife Norah moved to Linton to be near their family.
He felt Linton needed a bowls green - he needed a project to keep him occupied. So it was that Linton acquired the first all-weather green in Cambridgeshire.
His birthday was also marked by a peal of bells in the church. His son Andrew, former parish council chairman (like his father in Dorset some years ago), said: "I'm sure everyone whose parents have lived to 90 knows how it becomes more difficult to think of an appropriate present. So when a quarter-peal was offered in a church auction of promises, we felt we had found something special but local which was just right for the occasion." LNT  Bowls report, page 6


AZTECS Junior Football Club is holding its Fun Day and Football Tournament at Linton Village College from 9.30am-5pm on Sunday 3rd September. The tournament, sponsored by Specsavers Opticians of Cambridge, will comprise competitions for Mini Soccer at under eight, nine, 10 and 11 and Colts at under 11,12 and 13 . This promises some exciting competition. Clubs from all over the region have been invited and should provide great games.
In addition, there will be other attractions and sideshows, including a car boot sale, bouncy castle , pony rides, crockery smashing, cakes stall and BBQ. We also hope to have a Tug of war competition at 2.30pm.
To book the car boot sale,  to enter a team for the tug of war,

Parish Council's July Meetings

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AFTER a site meeting at Stantons Lane it was found that a tree had grown so much it was obscuring the light from the lamp. Various areas at the Cathodeon Centre need to be organised and are to be adopted/planted by the Library Service and another by the Chestnut Playgroup. The path beside the river on the recreation ground had become so overgrown with nettles that it was impassable - this was left for the ducks etc to nest but can now be cut.
The Council granted exclusive use of the Market Square for a wedding on the 8th-9th September. It was hoped the van parked there would be moved before this date.
There was no report from the police; a newsletter warned of the police action on teenage alcohol drinkers.
The District Councillors reported there were no plans to develop the Abington land settlement area under the current plan; further plans to put new windows in single glazed council houses had been put on hold due to the cost being over budget. Parking for Tower View bungalow residents was being planned as was street lights for Tower View and Rivey Way garages.
It was reported that in a letter to James Paice from Chris Mullin, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, there were plans to modernise benefit payments but the option to use the post offices for cash would remain, with post office modernisation to include some cash machines. It was also noted that reports had been received that business near what was a Barclays bank branch had suffered due to the loss of the cash machine.
The question was raised on "green waste" hedge clippings etc. the reply was that this was still not resolved and replacement schemes were still being looked into especially for the elderly.
It was reported that house owners had been approached by people who wanted to patch/repair their paths, and residents were warned to be wary.
Please note the council offices will be closed from the 18th August through to the 3rd September for staff holidays.


Jennifer (left) and Stacy Drieu: entering the painting category

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THE Garden Club will be holding its 58th Annual Show on Saturday 9th September. This village event is also open to non-members, and we are hoping that the wide variety of classes will encourage you to show off your skills.
As part of the Handicraft section we are continuing with the photographic competition which was introduced last year.
This year we would like many more youngsters to enter the children's section, the categories of which are: Millennium Bug made from vegetables and/or fruit, Miniature Garden in a seed tray, any arrangement of flowers and/or foliage (shelf space 60cm/24in), a dish of sweets, any example of handicrafts made since July 1999, a painting or drawing done since July 1999. Age groups are seven and under and eight to 14 years.
The schedule is pinned up for perusal in the foyer of the library, or you can purchase one for 50p from Susan Anderson at 3 Mill Lane.
Even if you are unable to enter the show, you can come along to the Social Centre in the afternoon from 2.30pm to view the exhibits, enjoy some refreshments and enter the raffle.
Good luck to all exhibitors and we look forward to seeing many visitors.


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THE Community Education Department at Linton Village College are planning to organise a monthly social opportunity for local young people with learning disabilities. It will cater for those aged 11 to 16, and it will be based in Linton.
We have conducted a needs assessment in the area and a number of parents have indicated that there are few opportunities for such young people to socialise.
This pilot project is likely to run in October, November and December and will be sport and arts based. Led by an experienced worker, the project, if it is to go ahead, will need volunteer help. No experience is necessary as we are planning a training session for interested parties before the club begins.
Can you help us?
If you are aged between 15 and 150 and are willing to commit yourself to two hours a month on a Saturday or Sunday for three months, then we would love to hear from you. Telephone Colin Thomas, Community Education Manager, Linton Village College, on 890296.


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MANY members brought a friend to the WI's July meeting and members and friends were duly welcomed. Information was given about the forthcoming sculpture workshop in Linton.
The evening's speaker was Janice Trevillion, a Sainsbury's consultant home economist. She told us Sainsbury's have a virtual museum on the internet, which children find particularly interesting. She described the history of Sainsbury's, founded 131 years ago. Changes in style and customers have influenced the shops and the food, including a greater awareness of allergies and special diets, and a growing interest in healthy eating and organic food.
Jean Goodwin, our Treasurer, gave a report of the Triennial General Meeting in June.
Members were asked to contribute to a cake stall at a jumble sale in aid of the Social Centre on 16th September.
The next meeting is on Tuesday, 1st August when Joan Williams will give a talk entitled "Mistress Anghared from Kentwell Hall". Visitors are welcome at all meetings.

Do you know where your children are?

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Community PC Andy Denzey looks at Linton problems in the first of an occasional series of articles
I have discovered that a number of children have been telling their parents that they are going to the Drop-in Centre, when they are actually hanging around the streets. Please do make sure you know where your children are, for their safety, and your peace of mind.
Over the past six months I have received several complaints about noisy and disorderly youths and would like to reassure residents that they have been taken seriously, and that in the past few months a number of youths - mainly 15-year-olds - have been arrested and cautioned about their behaviour.
I hope that this has sent a message. Cautions are not a soft option. They give offenders a chance to see the error of their ways and to change their behaviour, without having their lives ruined.
Crimes in Linton during June: one burglary, seven criminal damage (occurring in the High Street/Coles Lane on 2nd/3rd), three thefts (including a horse box), theft of a car, theft of a cycle, offensive weapon and a public order offence.


THREE members of the Co- operative Bank staff very kindly gave up their evening to attend at the Cathodeon Centre on 21st June. Personal and business account advisers explained what the Co-op Bank could offer the local community through the post office network. For anyone who could not get there, enquiries can be made to Trudy Chisnall and Chris Stranger on 316289.

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VILLAGE DIARY Oganisers – use the village diary!

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Dear Editor
We would like to express the importance of the village diary when planning and booking events. This is an excellent system and works very well if it is used. We put all our events in the diary at the beginning of the year or as soon as we have a planned date.
We were very disappointed to find that another dance was held on the same date – 1st July – as our Summer Dance. This was not good for either organisation and I know of people who would have liked to go to both. Our date had been in the diary since January and checking the diary would have made both events more profitable.
We have also seen the same happening with a clash between the Linton Jazz and Infants School Barn Dance.
Please, if you are organising an event check in the village diary — for those who do not know, the diary is kept on the writing counter at the Post Office — before you fix the date.   Publicity Officer
Aztecs Junior Football Club

£580 to help make our elderly feel wanted

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Dear Editor
The Friends of Symonds House would like to thank all those who helped make the fete on Saturday 15th July such a success. We raised £580 which was a noble effort considering the poor weather and the fact that we had to put most of the stalls indoors, thereby causing cramped conditions especially for people in wheelchairs.
We would especially like to thank the suppliers of Symonds House for their donations, our village traders who were so generous in providing raffle prizes, the Guides, Brownies and other young people who came and ran side shows, and everyone who helped on a stall or brought a contribution or came to spend some money.
A Christmas present for every resident costs us about £350, an evening’s entertainment between £50 and £90, an outing to the seaside £400+. From this you will see how important this event is to helping some of our elderly feel wanted and cared for by our community.
Thank you once again – and come again next year!
Friends of Symonds House

Art hopes open up for local studios

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Dear Editor
I am writing to thank you for publishing the article that Derek Birch wrote about myself and Josie Barnes, in the July Linton News, in aid of our ‘Open Studios’.
It was also wonderful to read of the sculpture project that is taking place in the village and to read of another painter!
Both Josie and myself had wonderful local support and so many people had not realised that we existed. We will be taking part in Open Studios next year. I have since met an illustrator from the village who is going to take part – and possibly a ceramicist.
Our aim is to get Linton on the map and become an important area in the whole of Cambridge Open Studios.
Let’s hope next year is even more successful than this!
The Grip Farm, Linton

round in crop circles

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Dear Editor
I always read the Country Diary with interest, but particularly this month I noticed Olwen Williams’ comments about her vegetable garden because I have had exactly the same experience as she has with carrots and runner beans. Two sowings of different carrot seed have failed to germinate – I wonder why? –and my beans were ravaged by some predator while I was away on holiday. I thought it was probably the snails with which my garden is infested, but it could have been a wood pigeon. I do wish a song thrush would discover my garden full of snails!

£500 for Alzheimer’s

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Dear Editor
I would like to sincerely thank all who supported the Coffee Morning/Bring and Buy on 29th June in aid of the Alzheimer’s Research Trust. The total raised was almost £500.
The Trust has recently set up a second Research Group at the Institute of Psychiatry in London to investigate an early and simple diagnostic test for Alzheimer’s disease.

Aztecs’ fairness award

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AZTECS Under 9B Team, managed by Maurice Kinsey and Gary Pavitt, have been awarded the Fair Play award by the Cambridge Mini Soccer League. During the season each team awards their opponents a sporting mark which goes towards the fair play award. Aztecs are very proud of being awarded this as it is our aim to be a sporting club which promotes fairness and good behaviour.
The players and managers of the team have set a very good example , which we wish to keep to. Max Penfold

and now for the fun ...

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Charli Rothwell, the Linton News youth representative, on holiday plans
IT’S written on every parent’s calendar, it’s marked in diaries and school pupils have been thinking of nothing else for the last month. The summer holidays have finally arrived.
Although recent weather has not put the same summery feel to the season, there is not one child who does not have lots of long, hot days in mind.
So what are they going to do with their time and where will they be going? I have been investigating.
Amy Smith (year 10 LVC) is going to Malta for two weeks. She has been before but this year she is being accompanied by Rose Hall, also year 10, so they are both really looking forward to it and have plenty of plans, particularly working on their tan.
Katie Christodolides (year 11) is going with her family to New Zealand for three weeks, whilst her Dad is working out there. She cannot wait but first she has to go on a 26-hour plane journey to get there!
Holly Simms (year 9) is going to Torremolinos for a month! She is going with her family and says that the reason they are going is that it is hot, which makes a change from here.
Karen Waddington (year 10) is going on a pen-pal exchange to Hofdorp in Holland. She is going with her family by boat, but returning by plane.
Jenny Saunders (year 11) is going to Scotland with seven friends. They have no final plans and are just going to travel round for about 10 days.
Lisa Timothy (year 10) is staying a little closer to home. She is going to Great Yarmouth with her family and a friend. She is going for nearly the whole holiday, only returning for a day.
Me? I am doing lots of different things, but not travelling quite as far as most of these.
Whatever you are doing have a good holiday and let us hope the sun shines.

Playgroup getS ‘Glowing’ Ofsted report

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THE Chestnut playgroup, now at the Cathodeon Centre after 30 years at Hadstock, has received a glowing Ofsted endorsement. The inspection report says the playgroup makes good provision for young children’s learning; the programme is purposeful and interesting and children are supported well in a caring and friendly environment; all six inspected areas (including language and literacy, and understanding of the world) ‘’promote the desirable learning outcomes and children are likely to achieve these by the age of five". In addition, it praises the mathematics programme, the provisions for physical development and the quality of teaching, but wants to see greater use made of numbers and words as part of play and activities.
The playgroup is addressing the last point and is also looking for additional staff to start in September at both supervisor and helper levels.

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Tracey Wilson uses the internet to track down North America's Lintonians
Would you like to correspond with someone in Linton, USA?
THREE Linton YABA bowlers, who just happen to be cousins, bowled all the way to the Stepladder Finals in the handicap division in the ND International YABA tournament recently.
Helana Vetter, Lisa Beit-elspacher and Sara Kautz come from a family of bowlers - their mums are sisters who have been bowling for many years, and the girls' grandparents, Helen and Dallas Sathren, were bowlers who encouraged the sport with their children.
Many youngsters gathered recently for the kick-off of this year's Summer Reading Programme at Linton Library. Staff at the library talked to the primary age children about Japan, illustrating the talk with maps, books, a globe and a Japanese traditional robe. Then the children all enjoyed a typical Japanese snack of rice, oranges, pineapple and strawberries - eaten with chopsticks.
Further talks about other countries of the world are planned.
Confused? You should be!
Who are these girls who have been bowling for Linton? Did your children miss the Summer Reading Programme at the Linton Library?
The answer is ... these are not news items from Linton, Cambridgeshire, but Linton, North Dakota, USA. They come from their local newspaper, the Emmons County Record.
There are many Lintons all over the world (several in England) - and, through the internet, we have been sharing news across the Atlantic.
Linton in North Dakota is a small city - that is the US term - with a population of around 1,300 people, as opposed to our village population of over 4,000. The community is called a city because of its local form of government: they have a mayor and council. Their main industry is agriculture: they grow wheat and raise cattle. They have some tourism related to fishing, hunting and camping.
The state capital, Bismarck, is about 60 miles north-west of Linton, with a population of around 50,000 people, and is where most Linton people do their major shopping.
My contact on the Emmons County Record is Allan Burke, who has already featured some of the items from the March edition of our Linton News in their paper, and has expressed an interest in residents from the two communities becoming pen or email pals.
If anyone is interested in writing to a resident of Linton ND, please drop me a line at 1 Wheatsheaf Way, or email me at, giving a brief summary of yourself, and the type of person you would like to correspond with.

Linton ... but not as you know it

Here are some of the Linton diary entries from the Emmons County Record:
May 2nd: Peter and Rose Silbernagel attended the funeral and burial of Albert Bosch. The burial was at the Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Mandan. Easter Sunday Peter and Rose, Victor Carufel, Sr, Philip and Cathy Carufel and other area family members gathered for a 4pm dinner at the Alice and Victor Carufel Jr, home in Bismarck. Ann Sautter was a Saturday guest of Pete and Rose. Thursday, Oscar Ternes of Strasburg joined Pete and Rose at their home for coffee.
Home for Easter at the Adam Baumstarcks were Vicki and Craig Horst and children, Marian and Alan Christensen and boys, and Ann and Kevin Bernhardt and children. The children enjoyed the annual Easter Egg Hunt.
Ann Burgad had a nice and joyful Easter with all her family home. Jean and Roger Sieble, Susan and Tim Hubbard, Shelly and Mariah Fisher, Melanie, Josh and Jaden May, Jessie Sieble and Jason Fischer all had a good time even though the place is small.
Larry and Eileen Malsom were Saturday to Monday guests of Ron, Clalien and Justine Rose of St Joseph, Minn. They were joined by Ron, Sr and Mary Rose of Cold Spring, Minn, for dinner Sunday afternoon.
May 9th: Adam and Cecelia Baumstarck attended the North Dakota Square and Round Dance convention in Fargo on Friday and Saturday. Tuesday evening Adam and Cecelia and August and Phyllis Werner of Kintyre were dinner guests of Ben and Delphine Vetter of rural Linton. The evening was spent sharing news about their recent vacations and planning a campout for the summer.
Bob and Linda Tschritter drove to Glendive, Mont., this past weekend to visit Linda's sister, Carol Bear, and son, Jason. They returned home Sunday.
Eldon and Carol Nelson drove to Brunsville, Minn, on Friday May 5th. In the evening all their children took them out for dinner to celebrate their 40th Wedding Anniversary on May 6th. Family present were David and Constance Nelson of Blair, Neb, Jamey, Sheryl, Aleesha and Emily Nelson of Burnsville, Wayne and Raquel Nelson of Rochester, Minn, and Ellen Nelson from Sioux Falls. They all visited Saturday and on Sunday they had an early brunch before Eldon and Carol returned to Linton.
Catholic Daughters of America Court St Claire 1846 held their meeting on May 3rd. A good turn out and a good supper.
Linton residents are busy planting gardens and mowing the fast growing lawns. They have no time to call in their news. Many are preparing for the upcoming graduation, First Communion or wedding. We need to hear from them to keep our column going.
May 30th: Mothers Day, Ray and Mary Henn drove to Hazelton where they met Judy Grunefelder. Judy then drove to Bismarck for a dinner at the Beverly and Dave O'Brien home. Also attending were son Tom, and Henn and his wife, Judy. A very nice meal was served by Beverly and Dave. Monday, May 15th, Ray and Mary drove to the Cracker Barrell in Bismarck and met with his sister, Betty Roesler, of Carson. Also meeting them were his other sister, Delores and husband, John Mohannah, of Minot. They had a good dinner and a good companionship visit.
June 6th: Memorial Day weekend guests of Belinda "Blondie" Taxis were Willie Taxis of Fargo and Sue Taxis and son, Terry, of Jamestown. Spending several days with the John Ackermans were their daughter and son-in-law, Karen and Don Williams of Pueblo, Colo.
Fran and Walter Hoppert of Detroit Lakes, Minn., arrived at the home of Leo and Molly Materi Thursday afternoon. A fish fry was held at the Materi home Friday evening. Guests attending were Fran and Walter Hoppert, Paul Malsom, Larry and Eileen Malsom, Leroy and Jackie Materi and Harold Zoller.
Wendy and Marcella Wangler, Edwin Ohlhauser and Marcella Keller drove to Bismarck Tuesday to spend time with Babe Hager.
Clem and Phyllis Feist arrived in Linton to spend the summer at their cabin near the Missouri River. The Feists were supper guests at the Marcella and Gary Keller home for potato sausage.
June 20th: The late Andrew Werner, Sr family held their annual picnic and campout June 9th-11th at the Johnny Werner farm. Eighty-five family members attended and had a great time. Highlighting the weekend was a beef pit roast on Saturday. Arla Rudy and Tristan Malmedal were married at the Peace Lutheran Church on Saturday.
Peter and Rose Silbernagel drove to Strasburg on Sunday to visit Pete's sister.

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IN LESS than three years Linton Action for Youth has grown from a group running one or two Drop-In nights a week, without a base, to an organisation turning over more than £40,000 a year, employing three professional staff members, providing four Drop-In sessions a week, operating from our own base and able to supply a range of support services to the community
Without your support none of this would be possible. We have no permanent source of funding so every year we have to start from scratch to find the money to keep us going. Much of the money comes from grants from charities, but the key is the money raised in the community.
If we cannot show positive support from our own community then the outside agencies will not give. Up to now we have managed to turn every £1 raised locally into £5 from donors.
Now is your opportunity to help. It is time to renew or join the K-Club, our own local lottery. An application form is enclosed with this issue of the Linton News.
For the equivalent of £1 a month you have the opportunity to win cash prizes each month culminating in the annual big draw with more than £1,000 in the prize fund.
You have the chance to win money whilst helping us to do more for the community. The K- Club is the financial base of our organisation - the key that unlocks other funding. Please help.
This feature was written by the LA4Y team

In school, at home, on the street ...

Linton Action For Youth is best known for its Drop-In Centre (pictured below) on the recreation ground. What perhaps you do not know is that we do much more than that.
__We work with the Education authority giving help and support to local youngsters who have been excluded from school.
__We work closely with the Village College trying to address problems before they get out of hand.
__We offer family support, helping parents and young people where communication has broken down.
__We offer specialist counselling on a range of topics such as alcohol and drug abuse, homelessness and social skills.
__We run "girls" nights and "boys" nights when the perennial problems of growing up can be discussed.
__But above all we provide three professional youth workers who are positive and supportive role models for our young people.
'I know of cases where LA4Y has kept families together .... it benefits them and the community'
This is what local officers have to say about LA4Y:
Judy Rossiter, Parish Councillor: I attended the first meeting in 1997 because I was so concerned about activities on the disused Cathodeon site. Large numbers of young people congregated there and passers-by had to run a gauntlet of abuse. It was clearly a job for a professional and I was keen to support any organisation which would put youth workers back in the community and not just in offices at County Hall.
The lottery bid did exactly that and provided funding for salaries but with the stipulation that a Drop-In Centre be provided by the community as a base for the youth workers. Liz Govier and Glyn Morley launched the project from the Social Centre and the church Pavilion but the current team will confirm that since the opening of the Drop-In on the recreation ground they have been able to offer far greater support to those young people who really need it.
Whilst problems on the streets have not disappeared altogether they are much better than they used to be. Thanks largely to LA4Y.
Jim Buchanan, Head of Community Education, Cambridgeshire County Council: Linton Action for Youth is an example to us all of effective community self-help.
More than that, it is also an example of the very best in youth work practice. My hope is that other villages will follow your example.
Simon McIntosh, Assistant Director of Housing and Community Services: As the officer at the District Council responsible for Community Services, and for providing housing for the homeless, I have been very impressed by the work of Linton Action For Youth.
They provide much more than just a Drop-In. Amongst the many support services offered I was pleased to see the work carried on directly with young people and their families where there is a danger of a break-up of the family. In my own work experience I know that leaving home too early can easily put a young person at risk and often they can end up homeless.
I know of a number of cases where Linton Action for Youth has successfully kept a family together and the young person at home.
This is important work that benefits not only those directly involved but also the whole community.
Well-done LA4Y. Keep up the good work.
MANAGEMENT TEAM: John Batchelor (Chairman), Sue Albrow (Secretary), Bruce Hunt (Treasurer), Colin Thomas (Community Education Manager). Our role is to deal with the day-to-day running of the project and to manage the search for funding - which allows the professional workers to do their job without having to worry about where their pay is coming from next month! In addition Colin manages the youth work team.
YOUTH WORK TEAM: John Starr, Liz Govier and Jim Kimber. Our aim is to support local young people in their transition from childhood to adulthood, encourage their social development and help them engage fully in society.
The Drop-In Centre provides a place for young people to meet where they can build relationships and relax and have fun with their friends.
We help young people to make informed choices by providing information and running special projects such as the Portman Trust-funded scheme to address alcohol abuse.
When possible we run fun trips. Rollerbury, Alton Towers and paintballing are a few recent activities.
The core of our work is to lend a sympathetic ear to the problems that young people may have and help them to reach their own conclusions as to how best to deal with them.
FUND RAISING TEAM: Judy Rossiter and Peter Dixon are the people behind our big events. Chilford Hall in 1998, the Hog Roast last year and this year the BBQ and Fun event planned for September.
All these events provide the backdrop to the annual K-Club big draw when more than £1,000 is to be won. The K-Club is the brainchild of Peter who has organised and run it since the start.

A date for your diary.

Sunday 24th September from 3pm on the recreation ground at the Pavilion and the Drop-In Centre. BBQ, family games and competitions - and culminating in the annual K-Club £1,000 prize draw.


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THE families of Linton's greatest benefactors, Charles and Mary Anderson, gathered here on July 22nd. They had come from all over the United States, notably from Georgia, Arizona and California, to attend a service of thanksgiving for the life and achievements of Professor Anderson who died last year, and to bury his ashes beside those of his wife in the Churchyard.
The Church was full. There were some sad moments, but the emphasis was on the humanity and achievements of Charles and Mary in their lives, and the good which will come from their benefaction in the future. Canon Cotgrove, who had visited the Andersons in Charleston, gave a kind but perceptive address, and in his family tribute Professor Robert Anderson, a philosopher, outlined the depth and significance of his grandfather's work on American literary criticism.
After the service there was a tea party, when the family met friends of Charles and Mary, and also the Trustees of the fund.
The sun was shining and Linton looked its best helping, I think, our quest to understand why Charles and Mary felt such an affinity and affection for the place.
We hope members of the family will return over the years, when they will be most welcome.
This was written by John Anderson, one of Prof Anderson's many friends during the years when he spent time in the village.


THE Bush Telegraph is not appearing this month due to technical problems. It will be back next month - along with a feature about what it takes to run one of the country's most successful schools.


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LINTON Granta Association Football Club has started training sessions for the 2000/01 season on Wednesday nights at the Pavilion - please come along to sign on for the season or e-mail for further details. Graham Potter


ARE you single? What sort of accommodation would you like? Here is a chance to have your say. Some plans for flats for single people will be on display in the glass cabinet in the foyer of the Linton Library from 1st August for three weeks. There will also be a book in which you can write your comments.
Look at the internal layouts and write down if they would answer your needs. If you had a chance to rent a flat like that would you be interested or would you have criticisms to make?
The flats are not available now. But the District Council is being told of the need for affordable accommodation for young people in work in our villages - so it is starting to look at providing it. You can help by giving your comments. Joan Smith


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THERE will be a range of children's activities during the Summer break (now until 4th September). There will be coaching activities and fun clubs; during the morning (10am-1pm) or for the whole day (10am-3pm).
For the first time there will be trips organised to Pleasure-wood Hills, Gosling Dry Ski Slope and Rollerbury.
There are also Summer Sports passes available for 12-16-year-olds.
Activities for adults include tennis, trampolining, basketball, aerobics, badminton, and fitness.

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JUNE and July have been months for outdoor trips. On 17th June, I managed to join an excursion to the quarry at Barrington. The bottom of the pit must be the strangest landscape in Cambridgeshire! Excavation of chalkmarl (used to make cement) stops when the Cambridge Greensand layer is reached, so the base of the pit is churned up into pools and mounds of chalky Greensand.
Of the sparse vegetation, coltsfoot and weld seemed to be the commonest herbs, while the pools support stonewort and reed mace. Here, fossils derived from the Gault clay are associated with multiple black phosphatic nodules and among the brachiopods, I found a fine shark's tooth. Then, in July, I spent a week in Ireland, travelling across to the Burren on the west coast and beyond to the Aran Islands. Vignettes remain in the memory: the Burren flowers especially vividly, where the limestone pavement is home to butterfly and pyramidal orchids, to the deep purple-red of the bloody crane's bill and the yellow of lady's bedstraw. Foxgloves marked the return to sandstone at the edge of the Burren.

Illustrated by Maureen Williams


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THE Linton Out-of-School Club will be running a holiday playscheme throughout the summer holidays for children aged between four and 11 years. Sessions are varied to include full-day, short-day and morning and afternoon.
Weekly topics are planned. Week 1: pirates; week 2: sport; week 3: animals; week 4: carnival; week 5: knights and castles; week 6: seaside.
Lots of guests have been invited to pop in and keep the children amused along with the usual club activities of crafts, computer games, toys and outside play.
Further information and booking details can be obtained from _0777-9049437 (9am-6pm).


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WE are experiencing a number of match cancellations, in common with other ebbs both local and further afield, especially London. Is it an ageing thing? Old players not being replaced by new members? No one seems to know the reason - we are down to 47 members; we started with 80 four years ago.
League results since last report:- Grampian Foods, away, lost 0-10 points (35-58 shots); Haverhill E S (B), home, won 10-0 pts (80-43 shots); Saffron Walden, home, won 10-0 pts (55-35 shots); and Stoke by Clare, away, lost 2-8 pts.
Finally, Arthur had his 90th birthday celebration match on Sunday 25th June. It was a glorious day, weather perfect - a memorable and wonderful day.


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AN evening of jazz performed by Chas Clowes and his All Star Jazz Band was held on 15th July at The Moats, Little Linton. Thank you to everyone who supported this event which raised £520 for St Mary's Church Pavilion Fund. Special thanks are due to Lyn and Sid Taylor for providing the perfect setting at their home. Judith White


LINTON Granta Playgroup and Chestnut Playgroup combined to organise a Summer Madness fundraising evening at Linton Infants School in July. Guests enjoyed a supper of salmon, quiche and salads; danced in the disco; bounced, staggered and fought through Gladiators-style activities on an inflatable 'arena'; and tried their luck in the casino. The event raised £1,062 - our thanks to everyone.

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